Past Prologue
Bashir: You're very kind, mr. Garak.
Garak: Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple...
Both: ...Garak.
PastPrologue-Plain.mp3 (126 kB)

Garak: Now, good day to you, doctor. I'm so glad to have made such an interesting new friend today.
PastPrologue-Friend.mp3 (202 kB)

Bashir: I really must be getting along now.
Garak: Ehm, doctor, I think it's time for you to take advantage of my shop. If you'll be there at exactly 20.55 hours tonight I promise to show you a suit that will make you into a new man.
Bashir: A suit! We're talking about terrorists and you want me to buy a new suit?
Garak: Doctor, am I making myself clear? I want you to buy a new suit tonight at 20.55 exactly.
Bashir: Yes, I see. Well, if you'll excuse me.
PastPrologue-Suit.mp3 (555 kB)
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