Garak: Really doctor, must we always play this game? I'm no more a spy than you are a...
Bashir: ...a doctor.
Garak: I'm afraid you really do allow your imagination to run away with you.
Cardassians-Imagination.mp3 (211 kB)

Bashir: And a bite in the hand is certainly worth saving a boy's life, wouldn't you say?
Garak: I suppose it depends on whose hand. Just joking, doctor.
Cardassians-Hand.mp3 (117 kB)

Garak: Certainly computer entries were made on a regular basis.
Bajoran woman: I wouldn't know, I wasn't a volunteer then. I was in the underground.
Garak: Really! Perhaps we have met!
Cardassians-Perhaps.mp3 (179 kB)

Garak: The situation is most unfortunate, but I don't make the rules.
Bashir: But you do play the game, don't you Garak? And there is a game being played right now, as we speak, isn't there?
Garak: There are always games, doctor.
Cardassians-Games.mp3 (195 kB)

Garak: I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don't trust coincidences.
Cardassians-Coincidences.mp3 (140 kB)

Garak: I never tell the truth because I don't believe there is such a thing.
Cardassians-Truth.mp3 (60 kB)

Bashir: So you're not going to tell me?
Garak: But you don't need me to tell you, my friend. Just notice the details. They're scattered like crumbs all over this table we regularly share.
Cardassians-Crumbs.mp3 (157 kB)

Profit and Loss
Bashir: Assuming you're not a spy...
Garak: Assuming...
Bashir: ...then maybe you're an outcast.
Garak: Or maybe I'm an outcast spy.
Bashir: How could you be both?
Garak: I never said I was either.
ProfitAndLoss-Outcast.mp3 (180 kB)

Garak: It would be a tragedy if she got in the way when her friends go out of fashion.
Quark: If anyone tries to harm her they're gonna have to deal with me.
Garak: And what are you going to do? Short-change them at the Dabo-table?
ProfitAndLoss-Fashion.mp3 (235 kB)

Toran: How the mighty have fallen.
Garak: Toran?
Toran: It's Gul Toran now.
Garak: They made you a Gul? I didn't realize the situation on Cardassia had gotten so desperate.
ProfitAndLoss-Toran.mp3 (198 kB)

Toran: Go back to your sewing kit, tailor!
(Garak zaps Toran)
Garak: Well, some people should never be promoted.
ProfitAndLoss-Promoted.mp3 (235 kB)

Garak: Well, don't just stand there! Your ship is waiting.
Quark: I'm going to see to it that every Ferengi on the station shops at your store.
Garak: Ah! That alone makes it all worth while.
ProfitAndLoss-Ferengi.mp3 (157 kB)

The Wire
Garak: Wonderful! At this rate we'll be done eating lunch just in time for dinner.
Bashir: Well, there's always Quark's.
Garak: True, but I'm really not in the mood for noisy, crowded and vulgar today.
TheWire-Quarks.mp3 (128 kB)

Bashir: But none of his characters ever really come alive and there's more to life than duty to the state.
Garak: A Federation viewpoint if ever I heard one.
TheWire-Viewpoint.mp3 (124 kB)

Garak: Anyone who talks about the numbing effects of your liquor is severely overstating case, huh?
TheWire-Liquor.mp3 (110 kB)

Bashir: Triptazederin? How much of this did you take?
Garak: A mere 30 cc's, not nearly enough, I'm afraid.
Bashir: 30 cc's would aneasthetize an Algorian mammoth.
Garak: We Cardassians must be made of sterner stuff; I barely feel it.
TheWire-30cc.mp3 (206 kB)

Garak: Living on this station is torture for me, doctor. The temperature is always too cold, the light's always to bright, every Bajoran on the station looks at me with loathing and contempt.
TheWire-Torture.mp3 (251 kB)

Garak: Doctor, did anyone ever tell you that you are an infuriating pest?
Bashir: Chief O'Brien, all the time, and I don't pay any attention to him either.
TheWire-Pest.mp3 (102 kB)

Garak: And you think that because we have lunch together once a week you know me? You couldn't even begin to fathom what I'm capable of.
TheWire-Fathom.mp3 (133 kB)

Garak: Look at this place; it's pathetic! To think that this is what my life has been reduced to; this sterile shell, this prison.
TheWire-Prison.mp3 (185 kB)

Bashir: Take it easy, Garak. Look, you're obviously experiencing some side-effects from the deactivation of the implant.
Garak: Rediculous! I feel more clear-headed than I have in the past two years. Two years, what a waste these past two years have been! (throws over des kB)
TheWire-TwoYears.mp3 (262 kB)

Garak: There was a time, doctor, oh there was a time when I was a power; the protegee of Enabran Tain himself. Do you have any idea what that means?
Bashir: I'm afraid I don't.
Garak: No, you don't, do you? You don't know much of anything.
TheWire-KnowMuch.mp3 (233 kB)

Garak: It was the eve of the Cardassian withdrawal. Elim and I were interrogating five Bajorans. They were children, doctor, none of them were older than forteen years old, they knew nothing! They lived in bombed-out ruins, scrounged for food on the streets, they were filthy and they stank! And the room was freezing cold, the air was like ice and suddenly the whole exercise seemed utterly meaningless; all I wanted was a hot bath and a good meal! (laughs) And so I let them go; I gave them whatever latinum I had in my pockets and opened the door and flung them back into the streets. Elim couldn't believe his eyes, he looked at me as if I were insane.
Bashir: You took pity on those children. There's nothing wrong with that.
Garak: No! I was a fool! I should have completed my interrogation and turned them over to the troops for execution, but because I was chilly and my stomach was growling I failed in my duty and destroyed everything I had worked for!
TheWire-SecondStory.mp3 (1.00 MB)

Bashir: And so they exiled you.
Garak: That's right! And left me to live out my days with nothing to look forward to but having lunch with you.
Bashir: I'm sorry you feel that way. I thought you enjoyed my company.
Garak: Oh, I did! And that's the worst part. I can't believe that I actually enjoyed eating mediocre food and staring into your smug sanctimonious face. I hate this place and I hate you.
TheWire-Lunch.mp3 (497 kB)

Bashir: Why are you telling me this, Garak?
Garak: So that you can forgive me, why else? I need to know that someone forgives me.
TheWire-Forgive.mp3 (195 kB)

Garak: By the way, I just had the most interesting conversation with Constable Odo. It seems he's under the impression that I was a member of the Obsidian Order.
Bashir: What did you tell him?
Garak: That he was mistaken, of course!
Bashir: And he believed you?
Garak: Well, he said something about keeping a closer eye on me in the future, I told him: "Be my guest, I have nothing to hide."
TheWire-Mistaken.mp3 (380 kB)

Bashir: What I want to know is, out of all the stories you told me which ones were true and which ones weren't?
Garak: My dear doctor... they're all true.
Bashir: Even the lies?
Garak: Especially the lies.
TheWire-Lies.mp3 (226 kB)

Mirror Garak: Lovely. I do admire a well-tailored gown.
Crossover-Gown.mp3 (77 kB)

Kira: You're taking quite a risk coming to me like this.
Mirror Garak: True career advancement requires risk.
Crossover-Risk.mp3 (110 kB)

Mirror Garak: Tomorrow morning she will be gone.
Kira: Gone?
Mirror Garak: She will be gone! Please don't make me use some foolish euphimism!
Crossover-Euphemism.mp3 (172 kB)
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